New Horizon United Church of Christ 2019

Leadership Board

Interim Pastor- Christine Wilke

President- Jennifer Arndt

Vice President- Rex Bindrich

Secretary- Tracy Ebert

Treasurer- Tom Benzschawel

Financial Secretary- Alice Krahn

Education- Annie Wiedmeyer

Communication & Public Relations- Vicky Mayer

Mission & Evangelism- Jason Voight

                                     Barbara Ruplinger

Music and Worship- Lisa Kelling

Building & Grounds- John Averill

Stewardship- Sarah Guttmann

Organist- Denise Dimmer

Historian- Vicky Mayer

Choir Director- Lisa Kelling

Hospitality- Jane Merkel & Ruth Hicken

Committee Responsibilities
President: The president shall preside at all regular and special meetings of the congregation, Executive Committee, and Leadership Board meetings; ensure the meetings are called properly, prepare the agenda in consultation with the pastor; sign legal document along with the secretary and treasurer; assume the responsibilities as chief administration officer of the congregation in the absence of the pastor.

Vice President:
The vice president shall, in the absence of the president, assume all the duties of the president. Other duties may be assigned by the Leadership Board.

The secretary shall keep minutes of all regular and special meetings of the congregation, executive committee, and Leadership board; shall keep a register of baptisms, weddings, and deaths in cooperation with the pastor; sign legal documents with the president and treasurer; take care of church-related correspondence.

The treasurer shall keep exact records of all monies received and disbursed and shall make no disbursements without the authorization of the Executive Committee; shall make a monthly financial report to the Leadership Board and keep them informed of the financial status of the congregation during the course of the year; shall make a complete annual financial report to the congregation; shall transfer all monies and financial records to the pastor or successor when term is up; record contributions along with the financial secretary; sign legal documents along with the president and secretary.

Financial Secretary:
The financial secretary shall keep a current member directory; record contributions with the treasurer; distribute quarterly and annual contribution statements to members.